Hello Palm Coast!

My name is Dr. Bryan Call. I am the new face in town. I am very happy to be coming to Palm Coast to open an Integrated Holistic Medical office. So who am I?




I am a father and husband first. My beautiful wife is Adina who many of you will meet as she will be doing marketing for the office. My son is Kaemon. A wild 4 year old who loves cars. They are a huge passion in my life.




I love what I do. I love helping people get their bodies into a healthier state. There is joy in health and I wish everyone to have a joyous existence filled to the brim with life. I spent many hours training and learning above and beyond the curriculum of my doctorate. I focused on learning the biomechanics of the extremities. So if you are troubled with a hand, foot, shoulder, knee, or elbow problem there is most likely something that we can do to help out. The human body is incredible. It can do amazing things if it is unrestricted. I have personally seen some incredible things happen under care. I am a direct example. I had 3 vertebrae fractured while skiing years back. I suffered for 3 years before I sought out the appropriate care. That chiropractor literally changed my life. He helped me be out of pain and that experience led me to become a chiropractor myself (with the help of my very patient and understanding wife). I love what getting adjusted and re-establishing normal bio-mechanical relations can do for a person.

That is why you should give your dreams another try. I have been there. I have suffered. I know from first hand experience what stabbing pain feels like. I know what it feels like to fear bending over or climbing in and out of the car. Although my pain was years ago it left a very distinct memory. I know that my pain is not your pain and I can never fully understand what it is that you may be going through but I will try. I will work with you wherever you are.

It is not enough to just get rid of the pain. Our office wants to get you to do what the pain is keeping you from doing. Whether it is picking up your grandkids, playing a full round of golf, or running a triathlon and setting a new personal record. The idea that you may be kept from something that you love is heartbreaking. There are ways to dramatically help most situations if the person is willing to put in time to help it. I wish you all the very best and hope to see you in the office soon. Please contact us at (386)445-4455.

Thank you and God bless.