Stem Cell Therapy

What if you can actually grow back the tissue?

Introducing Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells: What is Stem Cell Therapy?


Let me tell you about Stem Cell Therapy  because chances are  you may be a candidate of this innovative therapy combining a natural alternative to surgery.  You’re probably wondering what is stem cell therapy? Let me just try to cut to the chase and tell you what it is.

Stem Cell’s are the primary basic template that grows into all other tissue.

When you are first conceived how many cells are in your body? One from your mom and one from your dad. They come together they start to multiply and in about 3 to 5 weeks you have 300 to 500 cells and they call the cytoplasm. Most of the those cells are stem cells. And stem cells have two different cells. They have differentiation, which means they can turn into other tissue, and proliferation, which means they can replace themselves with more stem cells.

Let me show you a different way.

A stem cell has the ability to change into a muscle cell, a skin cell, a bone cell, a tendon cell, an organ cell, a nerve cell, or a different stem cell* The younger they are the stronger their differentiation and proliferation and abilities are.

A lot of you probably heard negative things about stem cells and a lot of that came from when they were working with that prior on Embryonic Stem Cells. Embryonic stems cells come from aborted fetuses. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t have anything to do with aborted fetus stem cells. In 2007,  Wake Forest University found that Embryonic and Amniotic Stem Cells are equally as potent in those two areas, differentiation and proliferation, what they found out was the younger the stem cell the better ability it has to change the other tissue and to reproduce itself. That’s important because when you have damaged tissue it’s the stem cells that go there to fix it. For example, if a 60 year old breaks their arm, how long does it take to heal? (8 weeks? 10 weeks?). If a 15 year old breaks their arm how long does it take to heal? (4-6 weeks). If a two-year old breaks there arm how long does it take to heal (2 to 4 weeks). That’s because of their stem cells. The younger they are the better they work. The stem cells we use do not come from embryonic stem cells they are not from fetuses of aborted babies. They actually are FDA approved and are donated from healthy moms at live birth C-sections. Why would they do it at C-section? Because it’s the only one’s they can prepare for. If they schedule a C-section the clean team can be there to collect the stem cells.

This is the newest and biggest thing to hit

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The placental tissues and fluids that are processed in stable environments. It exceeds the American Association of Tissue Banks has stronger standards than the FDA. They also meet the US Pharmacopeia Testing which has stronger standards than the FDA. They have these women for 9 months. They can test their blood and test them for every disease known to mankind and know if these women are healthy or not. You aren’t getting from free people. You are getting it from people who are donating their placentas.

Mom Side vs. Baby Side


Now if you look at a placenta, there is a side toward the baby and the side towards the mommy. Does the baby have an immune system? Nope. Where does the baby get the immunity? Mom. When you are born you don’t have anything except for the mothers milk. As a baby your job is to get exposed to mild diseases and build their own immune system. That’s how it works. When the baby side the amniotic side there are no rejection cells. On the Mom’s side the CORION  side… does the mom have an immune system? Yes. That side has rejection cells. The company we work with doesn’t use the Corion and will only keep the Amnion that’s why it’s called Amniotic Stem Cells. That means there’s a lot of them when you get them and there’s like no chance of rejection because there’s no rejection cells in there.

They also have other tissue building blocks in there, growth factor, proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid (hA). There’s more hyaluronic acid (hA) in the injection of stem cells than there is any hyaluronic acids (hA). The company we work with is one of the best companies in the world and they actually test their cells from every placenta they get. They can’t test them all because they actually have some that they sell to us and they test them and in every back to make sure they have a very high viability rate. The viability rate is the amount they are alive they process it and then they freeze it.  Before they inject it they thaw out the test batch they analyze it.  It takes 11 days to analyze. They come up with on average about 91% wide range of cells, which makes it very potent. These are a high concentration of live cells. There are other forms stem cells you can get them from like fat and bone marrow, but the problem is the older you are the less viable those cells are. The younger ones have a higher potential. That is why the amniotic stem cells we use in our office produces great results.

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