Medical Services

We offer a full spectrum of holistic services in our office ranging from a basic medical check up to in depth physical exams, blood panels, and even tissue regenerative injections. Whatever your reason for seeing our medical staff we will have something to offer you. Our services are tailored to be just a unique as you are.

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Chiropractic Corrections

Your body functions in a physical world. How the body moves is called bio-mechanics. Often times years of wear and tear or past traumas alters the way your body moves and that can lead to pain, degeneration of joints, and ultimately to arthritis. Our highly trained doctors specialize in the assessment, correction, and neurological re-training of your body to function on a higher level so you can continue the lifestyle that you love. The basis of these corrections is chiropractic care.

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Have you seen someone with poor posture? Yes, of course you have! You may even have it yourself. Poor posture can be a sign that your muscles have weakness and are unable to properly position your body and hold it in place. This weakness can lead to tight muscles, painful joints and eventually arthritis. Rehabilitation is the process of diagnosing which muscles or muscle groups are displaying weakness and then overcoming that weakness through targeted training to specifically strengthen those muscles that are creating the dysfunction. Our trained staff will help you break out of the barriers that are holding you back from optimal health and recovery.

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qtq80-I6PEC0We Are Obsessed with Your Health.

Health is like a breath of fresh air; although your past breath was important, it's not nearly as important as your next. We believe that your NEXT breath can be your best. We believe that you have limitless potential to heal. A person who limits their optimal health potential will limit what they will do to create it and keep hold of it.

That's where we come in. At Coastal Integrative Healthcare we are committed to help you be your healthiest. We take it as a personal obligation, our duty even, to ensure your health.

We are seeking after people who think just like we do. If your health is important to you, if you want better results than what you are currently getting we are here for you.


YOU can achieve better health...

A healthier you is out there. Let us help you with your attainment of it. If you want to break the chain with unhealthy click the "Contact Us Now" button or call us at (386)445-4455.