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qtq80-rcphkrOur Vision

We believe that life is to be lived! We think the best way to live life is pain free without restriction. We think that there are memories out there that you could be making and experiences that you may be held from because your body is suffering from years of biomechanical dysfunction, overuse, and trauma. We are obsessed with health and optimal living! That is why Coastal Integrative Healthcare has strategically put together a highly trained team of professionals geared with the end goal in mind, YOU! What is your dream? What would you like to do that a improper functioning body is keeping you from? Think hard on this. Wherever your mind took you to that is exactly what we want you to be able to do. Dream BIG and tell us your goals. We will use everything in our arsenal to help you achieve that end result.


Our motto here is "Anything is possible. Direct action and dedicated persistence can overcome more than we can possibly imagine. We may have under estimated the choices that got us here today but that doesn't mean that our future is held hostage by our past. We write our future now. We believe in offense. We will attack the root cause of bodily dysfunction to feel better naturally without drugs or surgery. Our dream is to make YOUR dream become your REALITY." 

We are passionate about you. We are passionate about life! Come see what we have in store for your dreams.


Coastal Integrative Healthcare Palm Coast was born, like many stories, out of misfortune. Dr. Call was once a wild adrenaline seeker. After a ski cliff jump went bad and he fractured three of his vertebrae in his mid-twenties he truly discovered the power of pain and discomfort. For 3 years the undiagnosed sources of dysfunction brought discomfort and restricted his actions. Someone dear to him, his wife, introduced him to chiropractic and his body began to have better bio-mechanical function. An important lesson was learned.

"I learned that function and movement were life. When I was unable to move properly I was in pain and it really restricted my activities. I was skeptical at first if chiropractic would be able to help but I trusted my wife and went. To my surprise I felt 80 or 90% better in just a few weeks!"

That led Dr. Call on the chiropractic path. In school he learned about the body and became heavily interested in research. He discovered that chiropractic paired with physical therapy and medical care could do so much more for a person than any one discipline by itself. After a job in Dubai doing brainstem/body research fell through Dr. Call was fortunate to join with the original Coastal Integrative Healthcare in Edgewater, Florida. Paired with great chiropractors, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapy techs, massage therapists and a passionate staff the Palm Coast office was born.



Meet our Palm Coast doctor


Dr. Bryan T. Call

Director and Chiropractic Physician 


Dr. Call graduated Cum Luade at Palmer Chiropractic College. At Palmer he volunteered his time as a Campus Guide which gave tours to prospective students and was an ambassador for Palmer Chiropractic College.

Professionally he has a passion for learning anything new in the healthcare field. He has done numerous post doctoral graduate studies in extremity work. He is a Fellow of the Chiropractic Hand and Foot Clinics of America. He is E.P.I.C. certified. EPIC is Evolutionary Percussion Instrument Correction for upper cervical care (and will be offered within the office next year). He is a national instructor for the company Hawkgrips. Hawkgrips is a world leader in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Their instruments can be seen in use in almost all major league football, basketball, and baseball teams as well as in the Seal Team Six rehab facility and even on Air Force One.

Dr. Call hails from Idaho. He is a the third oldest of six children to Dr. Thomas F. Call DDS and Jayne Barton Call RN.  He is passionate about outdoor sports and loves to freestyle ski, rock climb, mountain bike and fought as an amateur fighter in MMA in the greater Seattle region.  His most recent venture has been in triathlons. In 2014 he completed his first half Iron Man in Haines City, Florida.  He is a loving father and husband.


Let us help you achieve your dream...

If your body is preventing you from living the life that you always wanted, if you have pain, if you want to put up a personal record call us and see just how much we can help.